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Vietnam Discovery Travel votes Top 03 Must-visit Caves in Halong Bay

Halong Bay or Where the Dragon descends into the sea is located in the Gulf of Tonkin, Northern Vietnam that is bestowed from heaven the most beautiful landscapes and essential values. 500 million years ago when rock formations and transformations were happening that create the mighty, stunning Halong Bay with limestone cliffs of all shapes and sizes like today.

The Bay is covered with more than 1,600 limestone islands and islets and numerous caves and grottoes spread throughout the immense Bay. In addition, abundant picturesque beauty, archeological and geological significance, cultural and historical connections in along with local fresh seafood make Halong Bay one of Vietnam’s most popular places to visit.

Vietnam Discovery Travel, accordingly, has recently voted Top 03 Caves including Dau Go, Sung Sot and Thien Cung Cave that tourists should visit when they come to stunning Halong Bay for deeper understanding of the historical and geological values of the Bay.

Dau Go Cave

Dau Go Cave - Halong Bay tour to discover cave

Dau Go Cave

Dau Go Cave (Wooden Stakes Cave) was found on the same name island, about 6 kilometers from Bai Chay Wharf, Halong City.

Dau Go Cave, 27 meters above the sea level with the 12-meter-wide entrance and 17-meter-high along with the inside huge space of 5.000 sq. m, was created around 2 million years ago. Once entering the cave, tourists will discover a magnificent world of stalactites and stalagmites presented in various shapes and sizes which seem like lively wild nature, statues and reliefs about people in Halong.

There several versions of story about the cave’s name warmly told by Halong residents, one of which is recalled in the historic battle against Mongolian invaders in 13th century under Tran dynasty. The story told that Dau Go Cave was the place hiding wooden stakes which created a trap to destroy the enemy’s ships before they were driven into Bach Dang River.

Sung Sot Cave

Situated in the center of Halong Bay, Sung Sot or “Surprise Cave” is on Bo Hon Island, and is one of the most impressive and largest grottoes of the area. The Cave covers an area of 10,000 m2 with thousands of mighty stalactites and stalagmites along the 500-meter paved passage.  Moreover, the 30-meter high roof of the Cave, the walls and countless cracks and crevices are the clearest evidence of millions of years of spectacular natural handiwork.

Sung Sot Cave in Halong Bay Vietnam - Halong Bay Cruises

Amazing beauty of Sung Sot Cave

The entrance of the grotto is reached by about a hundred ascending-stone steps and surrounded by trees and hundreds of vegetation on the journey up as the shimmering bay below that show an ever more panoramic view to marvel at. The inside cave is partitioned into two chambers of which the first being similar to a wide theatre hall with many stalactites hanging from the high ceiling. The second part is the place where a flow of natural light bathes the surfaces through a large opening which serves as the exit from the grotto. The chamber is so vast that it could cover thousands of people at one time.

Thien Cung Cave

Thien Cung Cave - Halong Bay tour to discover caves

Thien Cung Cave

Thien Cung Grotto (Heaven Cave) is situated on Dau Go Island in the Southwestern of Halong Bay, about 4 kilometers from tourism wharf.

The original citizens of Halong Bay have told an ancient story about Thien Cung Grotto over generations to generations. The story is told that Dragon Prince was fallen in love with “Nang May” (Ms. Cloud) who held an abundant wedding party inside the grotto in 7 days and 7 nights. The celebration was so fun and bustling like on the heaven that all kinds of animals and all genies took part in to share happiness with the couple, leading to the name as Heaven Cave.