Squid fishing in Halong Bay at night

Spending at least one night in a luxury or just a simple boat in Halong Bay, what comes to your mind and what will you do to make your night much more memorable? www.Yourhalong.com will introduce you one of the top things to do in Halong: Quid fishing at night.


Tourists enjoyed squid fishing at night

Squid fishing is the most fascinating activity and wonderful pleasure at night of the Halong Bay Tours that every tourist wants to experience once in a lifetime. Joining this unique part, tourists are provided with endurable fishing rods and racquets so that they can keenly use them to catch squids. As a matter of fact, tourists must be excited to clearly witness light-drunken schools of squids lazily hovering around; and then step by step each squid is attracted and picked up, remaining totally fresh and striving in vain while being put in buckets. In particular, during the squid season, it would be common to see large schools of squids surrounding the cruiser and each tourist may catch around 30 squids for each night.

Then another remarkable activity is coming up as follow when all the squids caught will be used to make delicious dishes. This is also an ideal time to admire Halong bay by night when the seawater is glittering with mirrored light from cruises anchored on the bay. Making dishes from squids, tourists are extremely fond of boiled whole squids because when eating, they can enjoy the whole fresh taste of this yummy seafood.