Dau Go Cave - Halong Bay tour to discover cave

New tour to famous caves in Halong Bay

With a new version, Yourhalong.com has been released some interesting tours to explore the mysterious and famous caves and grottoes. The cave tours in Halong are expected to attract more and more visitors coming there as discovering caves in Halong is one of the top things to do in Halong.

List of Halong caves that tourists should not miss in each tour, provided by Yourhalong.com:

Thien Cung Cave

Being recently discovered, Thien Cung Cave is one of the most beautiful grottoes in Halong Bay. It is 4km to the south-west from the wharf of Halong. Passing a narrow gate which is covered on both sides by thick forest, Thien Cung cave opens up with the total length of 130 meters. It is astonished that the beauty of stalactite is very animated and splendid and may capture every heart at first sight. Getting out of the cave brings tourists a chance to watch a unique, meticulous, interesting fine-art museum which is blessed by Mother Nature.

Sung Sot Cave

Lying on Bo Hon Island, the Sung Sot Cave can be dubbed as one of the finest and widest grottoes in the complex of Halong Bay. The way to the cave is covered by trees and foliage wit paved stone blocks. There are two chambers inside Sung Sot Cave, the first off which is similar to a wide hall of the theatre and decorated by many stalactites of different forms and shapes. Another chamber is where a flow of light meets tourists coming there. It is so immense that can receive thousands of tourists at one time.

Dau Go Cave

Being located in Dau Go Island, the cave of Dau Go has a blue entrance which has the same shape as that of a jellyfish. The ceiling of the grotto is 25 meters with hundreds of stalactites falling down, looking like a waterfall. There are total three main parts inside Dau Go Cave. The exterior is a room with a vault full of natural light while many forms may be seen in the rock formations of the chamber.