Halong Bay – The land for both relaxation and adventure vacation

If tourists want to experience relaxing and adventuring vacation in just one place, then please come to Halong Bay Vietnam since there will be nowhere that can wholly satisfy its wanderlusts like this land. Halong Bay – the land of miracle is a vast area of more than 1,600 limestone islands and islets due to the rock formations and transformation millions years ago, magnificent grottoes with splendid stalactites and stalagmites inside in along with favorable conditions especially bestowed from Mother Nature. Therefore the great extent and the richness of its forms set it apart from other sites, always being the most attractive destination and tourism hub in the North of Vietnam.

Picturesque Halong Bay

Picturesque Halong Bay

Every tourist attraction has its own values, but right here at the land “Where the Dragon descends to the sea”, an exclusive opportunity of joining both relaxation and adventure experience will be notably granted for tourists. It is no need to mention Halong Bay with its spectacular landscapes of emerald water, crystal sandy beaches and in particularly, the new fresh feelings it brings to all tourists who once visit the region. Standing in front of such those romantic sceneries that travel-lovers can’t keep their eyes off but to immerse and get all the peaceful senses. Outstandingly, cruising may be seen the most appropriate way to take all the beauty and gorgeousness of Halong Bay when the luxurious cruise is moving down the streams and its dearest tourists are easing themselves on the sundeck, enjoying the scrumptious local specialties and having great time with friends or even strangers.

But the tour to Halong Bay is not only cruising for relaxation, but also adventuring to discover every single amazing corner of the place that tourists can only find out this way. Thanks to gift of nature with an impressive landscape, Halong Bay therefore offers the most favorable conditions for outdoor activities that are most appropriate for those who are keen on adventure vacation. And then take part in adventure vacation occasions here then people will have a deeper view or just the emotion of conquer the mighty nature can also blow tourists’ mind. It can be said that there is no place on earth offered the most suitable environment for outdoor activities like Halong Bay such as kayaking, swimming, trekking, cycling and rock climbing – top 05 experience that everyone should try at least once in a lifetime. Single activity has its own advantages and interests, so tourists can choose the type they would like to challenge.