Deeper insight into Cua Van fishing village in Halong Bay Vietnam

Located in a tranquil bay surrounded by mighty limestone islands, Cua Van fishing village (Hung Thang Commune, Halong City) is proudly listed by reputable travel blog as among 16 most ancient villages in the world. It is classified in the list merely thanks to the unique nature landscape and its original features and values that the blog exclaimed “You’ll be amazed at the historical sites and the cobble stone streets of this village. Vietnam’s Cua Van village is definitely one of the most scenic around the world. Admire the grand limestone cliffs of Ha Long Bay, take photos of this floating fishing village and colorful raft houses, and immerse yourself in the rustic lifestyle of Cua Van.” Take a day tour in Halong Bay to see how amazing and wonderful Cua Van fishing village is.

Cua Van Fishing Village

Cua Van Fishing Village

Coming to Cua Van fishing village, tourists will not only be engaged in a serene and extraordinarily enchanted destination with the breathtaking natural landscapes that are in front of their eyes, but they can also have a special chance to understand the fishermen’s life where tourists are warmly welcomed. Especially if spending time at night, visitors will row a boat for a short sightseeing tour around the village, intermingle with the fishermen’s activities such as pulling the nets and squid catching. The most interesting part maybe when the visitors catch fish or shrimp themselves, then enjoy the delicious cuisines made from fresh seafood they’ve caught.

The village is a small community and home of more than 200 households with around 700 locals doing fisheries on houseboats as the main living methods. In addition, it is unquestionably one of the most attractive attractions in Halong Bay because of both charming sceneries and the unique lifestyle of the local people which tourists may meet in nowhere else. Not like other normal fishing village, Cua Van is exclusive as it is the only village with a primary school and a floating clinic as well. The life here is somehow colored by the spirit of the hospitable people and the generations of fishing families who never leave, but grow up and grow old in the tiny unique world they are born into. Due to the waterway region, the only appropriate vehicle here is boats; therefore with the simple mean of transport, tourists will get closer to the real life in the village where tourists can meet the bright innocent smiles of the children and profoundly fishery lifestyles.

Getting on board to a region 20km away from the wharf from Cat Ba Island or Halong Bay and then here it comes the most spectacular land will be there waiting for you to discover and experience. It is so lucky that the majestic Cua Van fishing village is in the list because of its quaint, charming beauty and preservation of traditional culture characteristics that all leave a distinct impression on once they come to the land.