Trekking in Cat Ba National Park - Halong Bay tour 3 days 2 nights to Cat Ba

Cat Ba National Park and Cat Ba Monkey Island

Located on Cat Ba Island, Cat Ba National Park and Monkey Island are great, must-visit destinations for tourists to come and discover in a tour from Halong Bay.

Cat Ba is the largest island in Halong Bay complex and approximately half of its area is covered by a Cat Ba National Park which is home to the highly endangered Cat Ba Langur and thousands of species. In along with other 3 biosphere reserve recognized by UNESCO including Can Gio Mangrove Biosphere, Cat Tien Biosphere Reserve and Red River Delta Biosphere Reserve, Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve is also lucky to be listed. Coming to Cat Ba national park, tourists will have chance of experiencing the feeling of walking in the lush immense tropical forest, cycling and immersing in nature in order to see animals around closer. In addition, visitors will also taste natural specialties such as wild honey or tea.

Monkey Island is a private island located 1.5 miles from Cat Ba town, of which the beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cat Ba Island. Right here, the emerald, clean sea water, the stunning natural landscapes plus the wonderful, favorable climate that all create the most fascinating place to discover.

Trekking in Cat Ba National Park - Halong Bay tour 3 days 2 nights to Cat Ba

From the top of the mountain in Cat Ba National Park

In particular, covering a large part of Cat Ba Island, then Cat Ba National Park always contains surprising things and natural gifts for all tourists. Situated on Cat Ba Island including a number of nearby smaller islands, the Park at the moment covers an area of 109 square km of land and 53 square km of inshore waters and mangrove covered tidal zones. The National Park is also Vietnam’s first national park to be included both terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

The golden–headed Langur is a rare and a precious animal in along with a special type of tree called “Cay Kim Giao” exist in Cat Ba Island only. It was back in ancient times when kings and nobles only ate with chopsticks made from it, as the light colored wood was reputed to turn to black when it touched anything poisonous. It is listed that there are 745 species of plants recorded on Cat Ba, including 118 timber species and 160 plants with medicinal value. The Park is warm home to 32 types of mammals and more than 70 species of birds have been sighted that is truly a great place for those who want to discover and experience a real natural world.