Halong Bay Vietnam - Things to do in Halong Bay

Best time for a Halong Bay tour

Thanks for the great location of entirely lying in the Northern Vietnam, Halong Bay is endowed with four distinctive seasons. You can book special tailor-made Halong bay tour at any time throughout the year. Foreign travelers prefer to enjoy Halong Bay from September to April of the following year.

Warm Spring

Swimming in Halong Bay - Halong tour and cruises

Swimming in Halong Bay

Spring time in Halong bay sees the possibility of rainy and foggy conditions. However, the fog in the spring is not as thick as in the winter. Visiting Halong Bay at that time, you can contemplate flowers blooming and flocks of swallows flying over the bay. Additionally, you are able to sunbathe as sun shines constantly all day, as well as to swim because of gentle and calm water. You will truly experience the best of the bay when slowly cruising around the bay at enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

Hot and Moist Summer

Summer in Halong Bay will offer you a clear view of the stunning island and pleasant swimming temperatures. Especially, you can feel the daytime longer than the night time on the bay as the sun shines from every early morning till late 7pm. Summer is an ideal time for some outdoor activities including sun tanning, cruising and kayaking.

Unfortunately, there may be infrequent typhoons on the bay between July and August. Thus, you trip in Halong bay will be cancelled or delayed unexpectedly.

Kayaking in Halong Bay Tour and Cruise

Kayaking in Halong Bay

Cool Autumn

If you are on honeymoon or just a couple seeking for romantic moments on the bay, you are strongly recommended to visit Halong Bay in autumn. It is also the good time for small families to have private memorable experience while sailing through the bay and enjoying the cool and pleasant atmosphere. Thanks for the wonderful weather from October onwards, you can experience the best cruise on the bay and take part in all activities organizing on board!

Cold and Dry Winter

Winter officially comes to Halong Bay in November. It is then getting colder and colder in January and February with the lowest temperature of about 8°C. However, you are possible to take a boat cruise on the bay in winter. Apart from swimming, you are able to join many exciting activities. The most worthwhile experience is going for sightseeing the thick fog which treasures a mystery beauty.

To sum up, the most ideal time for taking a Halong Bay tour will starts in April and ends in October since the weather is quite cool and nice. Winter months are best for private trip with a fanciful scenery of islands between clouds.