Halong Overview

No matter where you come from on earth, who you are or how old you are, if you once visit this small land in the North-East of Vietnam, you must have certain feelings and emotions moved in front of the masterwork of water and rocks like gems and rubies here in Halong Bay Vietnam.

Situated to the North-East of Vietnam and described as the place “Where mountains meet water, land meets sky”, Halong Bay which is part of Gulf of Tonkin is certified twice by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage. Halong Bay formed by magnificent and amazing nature has been attracting thousands of local and international tourists to visit each year.

Oriental residents explain Halong as “Where the Dragon descends” for the history of the ancient Vietnamese. Besides, Halong Bay is the unique destination for its own incredible marks in the period of earth layer forming and developing and it is also the magic and astonishing masterpiece of Mother Nature combined of thousands of rock islands of all shapes and sizes as well as amazing caves that create a lively and mysterious complex.