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05 Must-try dishes in Halong Bay

No trip to Halong Bay can be perfect without tasting its food and specialties from the sea. Like other coastal cities throughout Vietnam, Halong Bay is well-known for its cuisines, especially the fresh seafood that you should not miss when traveling to this heritage site.

Squid Sausages

It ranks the 1st in the list of must-try dishes in Halong Bay. Squid Sausages is a famous specialty which processed with fresh squid. What really create the special flavor for the squid sausages in Halong is the hands pounding technique, instead of grinding like the process of other places. The squid sausage is more crunchy and charming when the patties are fried on a pan with boiling oil. Although the price of squid sausages is high, tourists still buy this food to bring home when traveling to Halong Bay.


“Ngán” is also one of the cannot-be-missed dishes in Halong. Though “Ngán” means boring in Vietnamese, it is regarded as the most delicious dish of Halong. “Ngán” is a mollusk with bivalve like clams, which can be processed in many different ways, including grilled, steamed, cooked soup, fried with noodles or vegetables.

In addition, “Ngán” is used for making wine with the own scent from the sea. You should go to Cai Ram market or Vuon Dao Market for fresh “Ngán” or wine from “Ngán”.

Sá Sùng

Sa Sung Halong food - Halong Bay tour

Sá Sùng

The name of Sá Sùng will surely be strange to you. It is a kind of sea worn, living deeply in the sand. You can find Sá Sùng nowhere, except for Quan Lan Island. Therefore, this dish is quite expensive in Halong Bay. You can enjoy fresh Sá Sùng which is stir-fried with garlic or dried, grilled, roasted, along with drinking alcohol. Sá Sùng is also used to make spices for noodle soup.


Snail is considered one of the famous seafood dishes in Halong Bay. There are many types of snails which you will find it hard to remember. Some types can be named as hương snail (Flavor), đĩa snail (plate), vặn snail (twisted), gai snail (prickle). Snail is well-served and more tasty with the special sauce.

Tu Hài

Delicious Tu Hài Halong food - Halong Bay tour

Delicious Tu Hài

The last but not least must-try dish in Halong Bay is Tu Hài. You will definitely remember the typical taste of this seafood right from the first time you enjoy it. It can be processed by steaming, making salad, cooking soup, grilling, etc. In particular, steamed Tu Hài is the most delicious and nutritious appetizer thanks for its cool and sweet taste.